About Us

"Trompo" in Spanish means "Top". Tacos Al Pastor are pineapple and pork tacos that are the original fusion food—a cross between Middle Eastern shawarma and the guajillo-rubbed grilled pork served by Mexican street vendors.


A few passionate backyard chefs got together to design a versatile cooking utensil so they can cook their favorite meal: Tacos Al Pastor. Tacos Al Pastor has a rich history both in the Middle East and Mexico. When you combine the cooking technique of vertical meat stacking and the flavors of Mexico, you then have an award winning dish. 


In addition to Tacos Al Pastor, the Trompo King has many more uses for any meat. Make Gyros, Shawarma and even a rib roast.


Why spin your meat when you can stack it and keep all those amazing flavors together.