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Trompo King®️ Original Super Pack
Trompo King®️ Original
12' and 7' spikes
TK Heat resistant gloves
TK 8oz. Al Pastor Seasoning
TK Cut Gloves
TK 4 Spike System
TK Grate (not pictured)
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What is a Trompo King®️

"Trompo" in Spanish mean "Top". Tacos Al Pastor are pineapple and pork tacos that are the original fusion food—a cross between Middle Eastern shawarma and the guajillo-rubbed, grilled pork served by Mexican street vendors.

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Best Taco Maker

Get ready to make the best tacos, gyros and shawarma this summer by adding a Trompo King to your arsenal of grilling tools.

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But until recently, tacos al pastor have been nearly impossible to replicate at home. Enter Trompo King and their game-changing device for taco lovers who grill.

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Father's Day Best gift

The perfect gift for dad. The unique design locks in all those amazing flavors and creates a grilling experience unlike any other.

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trompo bus®️

The Trompo Bus is ready to see you at BBQ competitions around the country. Follow our social media pages to see where our next stop will be. Also, let us know where you would like to see the Trompo Bus at. Follow the cook-team:@Noam_cooks, @Pitboss_Gabe and @Roo_on_the_Que. Make sure to tag us in your posts. We would love to see what you are stacking. #TrompoBus #StackYourMeat #Trompo King

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